Resources for Music Educators

There are many ways to embrace our full potential.

We can always start and continue to grow by educating ourselves! Constantly challenging our biases and privileges (we all have them) allows us the perspective to see the narratives of the status quo in our teaching.

Contact us to schedule a clinic virtually or safely in-person in Sarasota County schools.

  • We have outstanding clinicians ready to teach in schools and virtually through Zoom.
  • Virtual students also benefit from live feedback from instructors.

Schedule a private consultation or panel discussion.

  • Educators benefit from learning skills specific to teaching mallet keyboard instruments that are based on artistic expression and liberation, and this allows our students to show up as their full selves.
  • Cost shouldn’t a prohibitive factor in providing help, especially for music educators who are negatively affected by the current status quo. Please contact us to start to build an equitable and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Ask us to send your school (or you!) a care package.

  • We can send an assortment of mallets, sheet music, and resources, as well as send some awesome merch! 🙂

We’re here to help through solidarity. Contact

Modern Marimba is committed to developing strong relationships with our local schools in-person and through virtual learning. Students and teachers in Southwest Florida have access to music resources to learn listening skills, teamwork, empathy, and self-reliance.

We are learning how to reclaim our humanity through music.

MODMA seeks a humble approach in learning and educating through the decolonization of music. We value knowledge and lived experiences that challenge the historical dominance of white Western European and American music, narratives, and practices. There is no endpoint of being “decolonized,” only constant learning, reflecting, and growing.

Modern Marimba is inspired by groups such as Decolonizing the Music Room, a nonprofit organization using research, training, and discourse to help music educators develop critical practices and center the voices of people who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBT2QIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, two spirit, intersex, asexual, femme, and all the awesome evolving identities of being Queer and GenderQueer), Disabled, and Women.

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