Marimba at The Bay

This beautiful outdoor setting is located at The Bay’s Civic Green, on the north side of the Municipal Auditorium. Modern Marimba encourages you to bring a chair or outdoor blanket, sunscreen, bug spray, and something cool to drink (non-alcoholic beverages, only).

Sunday, February 20th is Día Nacional de la Marimba in Guatemala, where the marimba is a symbol of pride and resistance. The xylophone-like instrument arrived in Central America from Africa through the transatlantic slave trade and became an integral part of indigenous cultures. But for hundreds of years, colonizers tried to keep people from playing the marimba, which resulted in the 20th-century genocide of Mayan marimba players who were targeted and disappeared. Because the Guatemalan government was trying to erase traditional native art forms, including the marimba, February 20th was declared the national day of the marimba by the Guatemalan Congress in 1999.

Modern Marimba encourages audience members to follow CDC guidelines for outdoor events to maximize safety at these public concerts. We recommend wearing a mask at outdoor concerts if you cannot physically distance at least six feet apart from people who aren’t in your household.

We look forward to sharing great music with you!

Sunday, February 20 2022, 2:00pm

The Bay’s Civic Green
(on the north side of the Municipal Auditorium)
655 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34236

FREE admission.

Parking is available in the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center lot, accessible from 10th Street.


Traditional (arrangement J. Currey) – Los Machetes

Domingo Betancourt (arrangement C. Denby) – Ferrocarril de los Altos

Apolonio Aguirre (arrangement J. Currey) – Las Perlitas

Gabriela Lena Frank – Danza de Saqsampillo

Scott Joplin (arrangement C. Denby) – Peacherine Rag

The Beatles (arrangement Toru Takemitsu) – Yesterday

久石 譲, Hisaishi Jō (arrangement Y. Yoon) – Ghibli Medley for Two

Mort Garson (arrangement C. Denby) – You Don’t Have to Walk a Begonia



Tihda Vongkoth (she/her)
Ye Young Yoon (she/her)
Zachary Frank (he/him)
Dean Anderson (he/him)


With gratitude to the following collaborators: